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英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉)来我武当山龙门养生堂(传真武术


 英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉) 在学习脚、眼、身、法、步的基础

英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉) 道功十步的基础功法

英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉) 和王教练在压腿

英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉)学习武当三丰太极拳

我是英国学员RAPSEY NICDA(尼克拉)


  I first started dreaming about coming to china to learn kung fu full time a year and a half before arriving and spent hours upon hours researching different styles and schools. After my research I had narrowed it down to two schools and chose this one because I liked the time and thought they gave in answering any questions or concerns I had. I have been here for over two months now and have not been disappointed in my choice. There is such a wealth of knowledge and things to learn here that I feel like eight months is barely a beginning.

  A week before arriving at the school I had the misfortune of having an accident resulting in a mild ankle fracture and torn ligaments. I was worried that I would not be able to train and that I would be losing some of my valuable learning time here. However on arrival I found that the coaches and the master where very understanding and accommodating. They gave me alternative movements/exercises and planned my training around my injury and always checked in to see if I was OK and able. After just over two months here my injury has mostly healed and I am able to join in with all regular training.

  I find that internal power and the relaxed fluidity of movements is much harder to learn and takes more focused concentration than other styles but seeing this style in person I believe it is worth the extra time and effort to learn. The amount of power generated and the level of skill that Master Wang, Coach Wang E and Coach Peng Tao have is truly unbelievable and the patience and attention that they give to each individual student is all that you could ask for. Wang E is able to speak a little English and is learning more every day, otherwise little to no English is spoken. It is a good way to learn another language as well as a martial art. Even with the language barrier they are still able to teach intuitively and effectively. They are patient with breaking down and showing the movements in a comprehensive way and correcting you over and over until you understand the movement and improve. I knew I had come to the right place when I witnessed the precision and skill of the other students here. Watching the teachers and the children train is truly inspiring and gives you the drive to want to continue practicing and improving .

  People here are very friendly and the atmosphere is warm and supportive. Behind the school is beautiful rolling hills covered in mandarin trees with farmland nestled in the valleys perfect for a contemplative walk or the sacred Wudang Mountains are a short bus journey away and in wudang town there are many good places to eat and do your shopping on the day off. The accommodation is clean and the food although not varied is good, especially the bingzi (stuffed flat bread). Much of the food that is served is grown in the schools own garden. This is a kung fu school not a comfortable five star resort so as long as your main goal is to seriously train and study authentic wudang kung fu from excellent instructors and to experience and become immersed in the Chinese way of life then this is a very good place to be.

  Nicola Rapsey – November 1st 2014





  尼古拉Rapsey - 2014年11月1日

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